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"NYC's Natalie Hart dropped by to cut our 256th Direct-To-Vinyl Office Session. With an incredible ensemble in tow, the quartet cruised through several takes of 4 different songs, plus a single-take of a song called "Secrets", for a grand total of 19 cuts. Each of these 10 takes were cut directly to their own individual 7" vinyl record, and only one copy of each take exists in the world."

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Catch her acoustic set in Brooklyn’s quirkiest venue, House Of Collection, a one-of-a-kind loft space that was converted from a bookbinding factory in 1989. Finish the night off by listening to the debut track and enjoying some NY wine courtesy of Macari Vineyards. So, come celebrate with us the debut single from Natalie’s album, 3 years in the making, “CURTAINS”!

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